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Next gen Motion Capture

Mocap.Games the most experienced and one of the biggest Mocap studios Based in Warsaw - Poland. Established by Michal Hrydziuszko and Mateusz Poks. Proudly provides services to the most demanding clients from all around the World for nearly a decade since its inception. using the most cutting-edge cameras and related tools available worldwide that includes a 30 VICON Motion capture cameras with a capturing speed of 1000' frames per second.

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As the evolution of motion capture industry evolving rapidly we keep on working on parallel with the industry leading technology such as Vicon, keeping on developing new cutting edge way to bring the motion capture into a more accurate and as real as possible to be difficult to the average viewer to distinguish the difference between whats real and what captured.

what is motion capture

Motion capture [or "MoCap"] is the digital recording of a complex movement performed by one or several actors [for example, dancers or experts in martial arts]. Following the motion capture session, further post-processing of the recorded data is necessary.

This involves transferring the movements' digital data onto the virtual 3D character, who is ultimately to be depicted [for example, in a commercials or an animated film]. With the use of this technology, the digital character is able to carry out the same movements as a real actor. Once applied to the digital character, the captured motion can be viewed in virtual 3D space from any desired camera angle.

how motion capture works

The essence of motion capture is to enable animated characters to behave like real people. During a motion capture session, actors are dressed in black stretch suits that bear special markers. Usually, these are small, light-weight balls, with a reflective surface. If the actors are using props [for example, weapons] in their scenes, then these props will also bear these markers.

During recording, the specialized motion capture cameras emit an infrared light that is reflected by the markers worn by the actors. The cameras record these reflections, while the computer pinpoints their exact location in 3D space during the entire Length of the performed movement.

studio layout and specs

  • 30 x Vicon MX40 & MX13 MOCAP CAMERAS
  • 9 x 5 x 3 Meters of active space
  • 2 x Headcams
  • 2 x Virtual Cameras
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